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We’re ready to support your team, whether you need direct problem solving, services or resources. From implementation through the full lifecycle, we’ve got you covered.

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Global phone support

JAGGAER Advantage
33 146 09 56 72 (France)
39 02 266 002 121 (Italy)
34 917 870 225 (Spain)
877 528 2947 (United States)
0800 069 8630 (United Kingdom)
+ 43-1-80 410 50 (Europe and Africa)
+ 65-656 280 60 (Asia and Australia)
919 659-2100 (United States)
JAGGAER Indirect
1-800-233-1121 (United States)

International Toll Free Phone Numbers

Country International Toll Free Phone Number International Toll Numbers
Australia 61280748627
Belgium 3225884391
Brazil 558008836353
Canada 8775282947
Chile 5612300208830
China North (BA) 86108007142287
China South (BA) 86108001402182
China*** 864006327892
Denmark 4580820176
Finland 358800102193
France 33146095672
Germany 498007244883
Hong Kong 852800931553
Hungary 3680088230
India 8009190396
Indonesia 622180630098
Ireland 3531800816042
Israel 9721801224812
Italy 390282951914
Japan 81006633813998 or 818001705184
Kazakhstan 77172727294
Luxembourg 35280081036
Netherlands 31852085601
Malaysia 601800819293
New Zealand 6498011174
North China** 86108007142287
Norway 4780024648
Philippines 63180011102632 63323427789
Portugal 351800181203
Saudi Arabia 9668008147889
Singapore 658001013605
South China* 86108001402182
South Africa 27800014951
Spain 34917870225
Sweden 4620889290
Switzerland 41800600010
Thailand 6625088953
Turkey 908503902086
United Arab Emirates 9718000320058
United Kindgom 8000698630
United States 1-800-233-1121 or 8775282947

* Please note that the major cities of the Southern region are Shanghai, Guangdong (including Guangzhou, Shenzhen) and Zhejiang (including Hangzhou). Other Southern regions included are Anhui, Chongqing, Fujian (including Fuzhou, Xiamen), Gansu, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, Hubei (including Wuhan), Hunan, Jiangsu (including Nanjing, Suzhou), Jiangxi, Ningxia, Qinghai, Shaanxi (including Xi’an), Sichuan (including Chengdu), Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan.

May only be reachable from China Telecom domestic network, Access from mobile phone is never guaranteed, Toll free numbers are not accessible from a payphone.

** Northern region includes provinces of Shandong, Henan, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Hebei, and Shanxi. The major cities are Beijing and Tianjin.

May only be available from China Netcom only, China Netcom is the most important network in Northern China but note that China Telecom and China Netcom are allowed to penetrate each other’s market area. Thus end-users from North could also be a China Telecom customer (see above section for China Telecom access and restriction), Available from a payphone but not from mobile carriers.

*** Available in all regions, for Fixed Line and Mobile use, caller paid



Jaggaer’s Global Customer Care is a globally distributed support team that receives calls from our international customers via a Universal International Free Number (UIFN). This toll-free number is available to users from countries around the world.

The UIFN is: + {International Access Code} 800 2255 4626

To correctly dial the UIFN, place the relevant International Access Code (IAC) in front of the 800 number

Country International Access Code (IAC)
Argentina Telef 0
Australia 11
Brazil (Embrtl) 21
Denmark 0
Finland 990
Germany 0
Hong Kong 1
Hungary 0
Ireland 0
Israel 0
Japan (KDD) 10
Korea (Dacom) 2
Luxembourg 0
Malaysia 0
Norway 0
Portugal 0
South Africa 9
Spain 0
Taiwan 0
United Kingdom 0

JAGGAER Customer Support

We cover the entire SaaS product lifecycle. No matter what your day throws your way, we’re here for you. Our full-service customer support model includes functional and technical support – reducing your down time and getting you back to work. Be confident you’ll always have the help you need through the entire lifecycle. We’re always happy to assist you resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

Access the JAGGAER Solutions Portal

Have a question? The Solutions portal provides a quick connection to JAGGAER support and allows you to submit and track support request tickets. You can also search through our detailed knowledge base.

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Solution Portal: What you will find

Our escalation process

If you’re not satisfied with how we’re handling your incident, JAGGAER offers a formal Incident Escalation Process to involve management on both sides. Here’s how JAGGAER management staff are notified as an incident escalates:


  • Team lead
  • Customer Support Manager
  • Senior Customer Support Manager
  • Senior Director of Customer Support
  • Vice President of Operations


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